Musical Instrument Tetris


As a member of Wookalily I have learned that my success in the band relies on one valuable skill; the ability to perform
‘Musical instrument tetris’.

In greater detail this is the almost super-human power of loading a vast array of matter, both animate and inanimate into a ridiculously small place- namely a car.
A degree in engineering, specialising in weight bearing and logistics is desired but not essential.

Here is a comprehensive but not exhaustive list of items to be methodically stacked.

Drum kit
3 guitars
Bass guitar
Subsequent amplifiers
Mic stands
Suitcase of CDs
Baby seat

I think that’s it……… oh and a 5 piece girl band.

Recently we have incorporated double bass, djembe and piano into our set, we may have to leave the girl band at home!

After loading this extensive collection I then have to try and load myself in.

Many a time I’ve travelled squashed up into the back seat of Adele’s (aptly named) Nissan Note with a large tom tom perched in my lap. My feet contorted by an amp in the foot-well and my head being bashed repeatedly by a bass drum pedal at every right turn.

In fact the abrasive buzz of a vibrating snare drum has gone from slowly driving me mad to actually becoming strangely soothing, like the lonely gentle hum of white noise.
It gently lulls me into a much needed nap.
I wake with my cheek pressed against the cold glass boundary between me and wide open spaces, but what’s this? The buzzing snare has stopped! We are stationary!!! We have arrived!!!

And after all of this, we realise we don’t have a single plectrum between us!

Of course I’m only 1/3rd joking. It can be funny too and it’s all worth it when we get to play in some great venues to amazing people.

So after hearing our plight you can imagine all our excitement when we were offered a Friday evening residency at the new American Bar in Belfast docks area.
…..and it’s UNPLUGGED!!

It’s going to be great to turn up and just play, we hope to see you there!