Wookalily Q&A: Louise


We teamed up for a series of Q&As with the guys from Fat Penguin, and one nosy penguin interviewed Louise this week to get to her a little better.


What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Sausage rolls

Tell us your funniest joke?

You can’t force comedy!!!

When did you first start playing music?

I started by playing recorder in primary school (frere jacques) then a teacher there started a guitar club that only I went to. I learned a few chords but it wasn’t for me. Then first year of high school I got a good grade in music and the music teacher (Mr Wickett) suggested I learned an instrument. I thought it’s either saxophone or drums. I went with the sax thinking I’d never get a whole drum kit. I liked sax but never had any motivation to practise. Meanwhile for years I had been really interested in drums. I obsessively watched any drummer I came across (usually in variety shows in Barry Island.) I even tried to make a drum kit out of boxes and pens and tried to create a pulley system so I could include my feet! (I was a strange teenager!) I mentioned to my uncle I liked the drums and he bought me a pair of sticks. I borrowed the school kit one summer and you couldn’t get me off them. My brother played guitar so the two of us jammed all the time. I had finally found my instrument, wind and string instruments didn’t do it for me, I discovered I like to hit things! I’m sure when Sharon on banjo reads this she’ll say I’m yet to start playing music cos I’m a drummer and a drummer is someone who hangs out with musicians!!

What was the first album you bought?

On Tape: It’s Madness – Madness compilation

On CD: Ocean Colour Scene – Mosley Schoals

What was the first gig you went to?

Please don’t judge me-East 17

Who’s currently top of your Spotify/ITunes plays?

I’m a technophobe and don’t really like using Spotify but I have been listening to William Onyeabor sly and the family stone, Beck, and I always come back to Led Zeppelin .

What’s your pre-gig ritual?

Go for a pee, gaffa tape my drum kit together!

If you could tour with any other artist/band, who would it be and why?

I think I’m a cylon!!! (My other band) Yeo!!!!!

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