Turnip for the Wooks


Disclaimer: Contains copious amounts of bodily functions and fluids.  Proceed with caution.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a couple of years, give or take a month here, 4 weeks there, 28-30 days here, 730 hours there…I, myself, me, a lowly turnip named ‘Neep’ nestled in the soil in a garden lawn out in the yonder regions of Carryduff.  Life was good and it wasn’t bad until that fateful night.  Nearby in a bedroom, celebrating the success of their first album “All the Waiting While” and their cameo on “UK’s Best Part Time Band” the band were together eating, drinking and telling dodgy jokes.  This toxic combination of rich foods, bubbles, pollen and belly laughs caused one of the band members who will remain unnamed (Louise) to simultaneously sneeze, fart, burp, laugh and cough.  The impact of this caused a rip in the space time continuum universe thingy.

Before I knew it they were inside my belly/body/turnip innards in the year 1979 with 10 instruments, some analogue equipment and a 8 year old child prodigy called Julie McLarnon whose future award winning self would enjoy a spell with the Vaselines, Jeffrey Lewis, Lankum and King Creosote.  Being teeny and trapped inside me there wasn’t a lot to do and there wasn’t nothing to do so the girls and Julie crafted 12 songs which formed the 2nd Wookalily album “ everything is normal, except for the little things inside my head”. I was more than bemused with their folk-noir vibrations, low bowing double bass, four part harmonies, piano, banjo, psychedelic flutes, drunk trumpet and more.  I was also a bit bloated with all the low frequencies and without warning projectile vomited the whole lot of them and their songs back into 2019.

For me, my adventures with the Wooka’s, suede as they have been, are coming to an end, until…

1979 Wookalilies met their 2019 selves, the time paradox activates and everyone and everything self combusts into oblivion. Except me who lived to tell the tale and is working on repopulating the planet with Vegan Turnips.

Neep x

Did I mention their album is available to buy now on bandcamp https://wookalily.bandcamp.com/ ?

– Written by Sharon Morgan

We Are Women In Music – Hear Us ROAR


International Women’s Day is upon us and its time to get our bandanas out and educate!

#PressForProgress is this years slogan and according to the International Women’s Day website it is “A strong call to motivate and unite friends, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive.” Something we should all being doing every day, challenging views and perspectives and encouraging debate.

Wookalily’s new single ‘Escort Me’ is trying to turn a popular subject on its head. So many songs have been written about female prostitutes Honky Tonk Woman by Rolling Stones, Charlotte the Harlot by Iron Maiden, even Tina Turner’s ‘Private Dancer’, is the same heartless perspective. Most disparaging of all is ‘He’s A Whore’ by Cheap Trick. This song finally from a different perspective still somehow has the same branded tone.

“..I think I’ll take her for a ride
With this moneybag by my side

A giggolo is the only way to go
And So I show my face
And I can even fake a smile
But I’m laughing inside all the while

This little girl
She’s a joke
She’s a joke
She’s a joke..”

In Wookalilys prostitutional musings, the song begins with the normal first encounter scenario – woman seeks sex and finds a partner for pay, but with the morning sunlight there comes a twist. A light-hearted song with a bass line to obey.

Wookalily are releasing their first single ‘Escort Me’ from their second album ‘Everything Is Normal… Except The Little Things Inside My Head’, on International Women’s Day Wednesday 8th March. You can find the download on all usual platforms (Itunes, Amazon and Spotify etc).

The band will also be hosting an album preview in June 2018 as part of the Womens Work Festival. There are plans of a short film by Emmett O’Mahony, featuring songs and sounds by Wookalily, as well as live performance of the new album material and a B-Movie  DJ set to finish.

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“Escort me to the Moon” says us Woomen

Written by Adele Ingram
Produced by Julie McLarnon at Analogue Catalogue
Acoustic guitar – Adele Ingram
Piano and bvs – Clair McGreevy
Drums and bvs – Louise Potter
Lead vox – Lyndsay Crothers
Sharon Morgan – Double and electric bass



It all started with a fat penguin… and ended with Gertrud’s nipples. Wookalily know how to put on a show!

It was the 8th June, Adele in her pyjamas working on the computer, talking on the phone and answering the door all while eating toast. It never stops in the Wookalily office. She was in fact creating our Kickstarter page where you can now pre-order our second album. We have launched the campaign to raise £4000 in 40 days as we are going into the studio in July to record the album with Julie McLarnon at Analogue Catalogue. Kickstarter is an online platform that allows backers to pre-order the album and hence raise money to fund its production. We have other rewards for those feeling generous, such as album launch tickets, goodie bags and more!

Adele meets her hero Chris Smither for the 11th time (she’ not counting) #borderlinestalker

Also on this very day we need to catch the boat to Liverpool. 22.30 crossing looks like we’ll not get any sleep tonight. We arrive in Liverpool at 06.30 friday morning, all bumble into the car with 2 coffees in each hand. Although this is quite a task as there are 4 of us, all our bags and instruments traveling in a smart car. #instrumenttetris We need to hit the road, we’ve a gig at 14.00! Off to the beautiful town of Southwell in Nottinghamshire for the Gate to Southwell festival.

As we enter the gates to the festival we are greeted with blue sky, absolute sunshine and daisy crowns. This shall be our second home.

We played 3 sets over 2 days and couldnt have enjoyed them more. The organisation and helpfulness of the staff and the appreciation from the audience was overwhelming. Unfortunately Sharon wasnt able to get a babysitter for toddler Rosa so we had to rock out with a Wook down. Clair had also broken her hand and just freshly out of cast, agreed to play on with just one hand. You might say we were a 3 ½ piece band that weekend!

Well after the high of a standing ovation at our last set, its now 02.30 and we’re standing in the street packing our car in complete silence as to not wake our gracious hosts and their neighbours. I would like to include a massive thank you to our hosts Tim, Judith, Henry the dog and Bridget and David. We couldnt have met nicer people or imagined nicer accommodation. THANK YOU GUYS!

Onward we need to catch the boat! Wait which way are we going?

“Your destination is on the left” NO IT ISNT YOU B***** B****** !!!!
Woohoo Wooks making waves