Yule not regret reading this!


It was a dark and cold misty night, the phone rang, who was it you ask? So did Wookalily. Thankfully the reply came – “it’s Stay Puft from Ghostbusters, for the love of me would you please release your album this year?” Hands trembled, teeth gnashed, guts churned – Clair threw up in her mouth a wee bit, Adele pee’d her pants a wee bit, Louise cried a wee bit, Lyndsay had a large whiskey a wee bit and Sharon continued to play her banjo a wee bit. The band finally pulled themselves together to answer the mysterious and almighty caller  – “we’ll have to check our diary and get back to you”.

A busy year of sold out shows at Electric Picnic, Red Rooster festival, and the ever glorious Tap Room Newcastle. Wookalily finally remember to phone back with a date for album release. Ring ring the phone went, ‘bout ye, whatsa craic?”’ Stay Puft answered, Wookalily replied “Everything is normal except the little things inside my head”. He rejoiced in his mallow and said that would be a great album title and thank fluff you’re finally releasing this October.  

In between making videos, going for photoshoots, writing music for short horror films, being offered to make guitars and present TV shows, Wookalily received a notification to say they had reached their mark of 6666 followers on Facebook. They immediately kicked 7 of their followers off cos they don’t like that number, they celebrated with whiskey and wine until all the love made them sick, not to mention the alcohol. Needless to say they were feeling a bit touché the next morning until an old hag turned in to a ghost under the light of the old new mill. This was of course a complete folly until a lonely vampyre said escort me to nothing. Welcome to the fold.  

*hold on, none of the above is true, they celebrated by congregating in Adele’s house and had massive amounts of craic sitting around playing some weird version of Pictionary only with poop, like tons of poop.  Someone in the wooka fold is obsessed with drawing poop.*

With all this popularity they decided to open up a shop at dizzyjam selling their new album branded tees and totes etc.  They even put their mugs on mugs, wait, no they didn’t but that’s a good idea.  Next year!

So October came and they released their album with a big bumftph.  It took place at the Ulster Sports Club with Seamus Fox (talks extreme common sense with a threatening version of our local accent), Pawet Bignell (Ardglass classness) and James Anderson supporting (makes up his own time signatures).  Stay Puft saw all this and was feeling pretty mallow. He made a follow up call and told them to go into the world and spread the Wooka news, so they hired a PR agent and put together a street team to do it for them. Well that went well, the PR agent took their money, said the omens weren’t good (maybe it was the 6659 followers, the ghost, the Vampyre or the old hag that put him off) and the street team took a wrong turn for the worse.  So they had no alternative but to set down their guitars, banjos, flutes, fiddles, drums, mandolins and keys, dust off the laptops, mobile phones and tablets, reset their social media passwords and spread the Wooka word themselves. Now it’s hard telling everyone all by your lonesome how great you are with any credibility but Wookalily thought “Screw modesty!”, they believed in themselves and believed the music would speak for itself AND tho and behold it’s doing just that.  With rave reviews and radio plays on BBC, Dublin FM, in France, America and more they’re doing nicely. Incidentally, if anyone wishes to join the Wooka fold, please search WOOKALILY STREET TEAM on facebook and your reward will be great. ‘Every little thing you do’, really helps. 

Happy Christmas from all of us at Wookalily. May all your wishes to buy our music and attend our live shows come true.


Turnip for the Wooks


Disclaimer: Contains copious amounts of bodily functions and fluids.  Proceed with caution.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a couple of years, give or take a month here, 4 weeks there, 28-30 days here, 730 hours there…I, myself, me, a lowly turnip named ‘Neep’ nestled in the soil in a garden lawn out in the yonder regions of Carryduff.  Life was good and it wasn’t bad until that fateful night.  Nearby in a bedroom, celebrating the success of their first album “All the Waiting While” and their cameo on “UK’s Best Part Time Band” the band were together eating, drinking and telling dodgy jokes.  This toxic combination of rich foods, bubbles, pollen and belly laughs caused one of the band members who will remain unnamed (Louise) to simultaneously sneeze, fart, burp, laugh and cough.  The impact of this caused a rip in the space time continuum universe thingy.

Before I knew it they were inside my belly/body/turnip innards in the year 1979 with 10 instruments, some analogue equipment and a 8 year old child prodigy called Julie McLarnon whose future award winning self would enjoy a spell with the Vaselines, Jeffrey Lewis, Lankum and King Creosote.  Being teeny and trapped inside me there wasn’t a lot to do and there wasn’t nothing to do so the girls and Julie crafted 12 songs which formed the 2nd Wookalily album “ everything is normal, except for the little things inside my head”. I was more than bemused with their folk-noir vibrations, low bowing double bass, four part harmonies, piano, banjo, psychedelic flutes, drunk trumpet and more.  I was also a bit bloated with all the low frequencies and without warning projectile vomited the whole lot of them and their songs back into 2019.

For me, my adventures with the Wooka’s, suede as they have been, are coming to an end, until…

1979 Wookalilies met their 2019 selves, the time paradox activates and everyone and everything self combusts into oblivion. Except me who lived to tell the tale and is working on repopulating the planet with Vegan Turnips.

Neep x

Did I mention their album is available to buy now on bandcamp https://wookalily.bandcamp.com/ ?

– Written by Sharon Morgan