Giggin for it…


Gigs, gigs and more gigs… Ah the stress – a performer’s heaven and hell.
Our previous gig was at Voodoo (in which it was only right we play our classic Black Magic Doll) for ‘Womens Work‘. There were a host of events in Belfast over March ‘celebrating women in music’ with the one and only Annie Nightingale kicking things off with a comfy conversation and a mighty knees up that went on to the early hours – I’m told!
DJ SAGE a.k.a. Laura Totten hosted the event in Voodoo which also saw the fabulous Suzanne Savage perform. It’s always a pleasure to share the stage with a former Wookite. We decided to play a particular blinder – and that we did! Although we would like to attribute our feisty performance to our fabulous choreography and ravishing good looks, i believe it was down to actually having monitors , that work! Something Belfast venues really need to look into. Would you let your electrician touch your wiring with a blindfold on??


Next on the agenda is Record Store Day. Huzzah! An entire day dedicated to that crackly hiss we all know and love. I am of course talking about that unique sound you get on an old vinyl, inevitably hiding some musical mystery of years gone by. What a pleasure it is to know that vinyl has made such a come back and people are celebrating music in all its varieties all over the world on April 16th.

There are several booming record shops located around Belfast, most of whom pride themselves in stocking local music. Including our very own ‘All the Waiting While’ which will be available as a limited edition vinyl. There will be a load of events happening in shops and venues around you, i implore you to check them out! We, of course, will be playing Belfast Underground Records during the afternoon


Not hindered by having one gig that day, why not play another that night? We have been booked once again to play at the Winterfell set from Game of Thrones. With a lot of GOT footage being shot here, I bet you know at least one person donning a Viking era beard in prep for their chance to be an extra. I, myself was an umbrella holder for Sean Bean on a particularly wet week of shooting and managed to insult Mark Addy while learning an invaluable lesson – tents aren’t sound proof!
It’s always fun to play here, the atmosphere is deliciously barbarous with a hog roast for all and plenty of mead ..well locally brewed Winterfell I.P.A. close enough! All the guests wear huge fur bound capes and get their picture with a scary man and a sword. Which makes for particular hilarity during our set, expect giggles.


The Wooks love playing and performing wherever the venue, no matter the stage. The buzz and good vibes you get from audience members are unbeatable. Particularly when the younger members come up to take a snoop around the equipment. Our drummer Louise gets young girls coming to her all the time, inspired by seeing A GIRL play the drums, and kicking ass while doing so. Louise does offer drum tuition by the by…

Mead anyone? Let’s get Woozy!